We are making apps from stories and illustrations you have created and published. Just add read-aloud voice and we will make your app for Apple and Android platforms, as well as WinPhone, Windows, HTML5 for browsers, Mac OS, Linux, Tizen and Steam exports..

Take a look at one successful example of making multilingual apps from printed picture book

Apps from books

No more "out-of-print" situation for your picture books. Publish on worldwide markets. Translate to any language you want. We will help you turn your old picture books into on-line profit.

Your app could reach:

more than 250 million iPads
more than 700 million iPhones 
over one billion Android devices

Apps from scratch

We will make mini games and coloring pages with themes from your book. Kids will return many times to
play, listen and read your app.

Some features that book app can include are:

Full-page illustrations that turn with the swipe of a finger.
Voiceover narration, sound effects and music.
Animated and interactive book pages that respond to the touch. Accelerometer support, 
                 tilting the device to influence imagery on the screen. Interactive mini-games Coloring pages, etc.

The list goes on and on…